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5 Organizations Empowering Women in Blockchain

Mar 8, 2019 BlockchainCanadian Companies 0

Today is International Women’s Day. A day to celebrate women’s achievement, raise awareness against bias and take action for equality. This is especially true in the blockchain/cryptocurrency space where the percentage of women invested and involved is far lower than that of men. Despite the statistics, The following 5 organizations are marking a call to action by increasing the number of females learning and interacting with blockchain technology.

  1. Women4Blockchain – WB4 is dedicated to building and empowering women in the world of blockchain technology. They recently hosted a successful hackathon in Nashville. Anna Vladi, founder of WB4 also hosts several meetups to teach her community about bitcoin and blockchain.
  2. Women in Bitcoin – Founded by Rhian Lewis in 2014, she is making waves in the London blockchain community. Her events are designed to be informative and fun. Men are also welcome and are encouraged to bring along a girlfriend, wife, best female friend, colleague, sister, or mother.
  3. The State of Women – A media platform with a global reach that gives women the tools to succeed as empowered entrepreneurs and intrepid investors. They advance economic empowerment for women by championing stories of role models, thought leaders and changemakers. Their diverse, global community of entrepreneurs, investors and engaged millennials are making an impact on the state of women everywhere.


  4. Global Women in Blockchain – The first international umbrella organization designed to activate and accelerate the powerful partnerships of women to lead in the education, development, and promotion of blockchain technologies. A non-profit group aims to inject much-needed diversity into tech by empowering women through shared business connections and exchanges, association, meet-ups, forums, learning events and more. GWB aspires to have at least one female delegate per country to lead in service of women by fostering an ecosystem of trust, support, inclusion, conscious leadership, and socio-economic advancement.
  5. CryptoChicks – In a short period of time, CryptoChicks evolved from a small meetup group to an international organization with chapters in Canada, USARussiaPakistanBahamas. AI technology came on board for our women in 2019. With free educational services, workshops, conferences, and hackathons, they have successfully created a method for empowering women and for advancing blockchain learning. You educate a woman, you educate a generation. Cryptochicks will be hosting yet another hacakthon in Toronto on May 31st.

    This Conference+Hackathon is a combination of a technology competition and an educational conference that is running side by side at the same location for the three consecutive days including overnights. In the program is a keynote from the Ethereum inventor Vitalik Buterin, practical demo from SingularityNET on the Robot Sophia AI inside outs, as well as debates, panels, speeches, workshops from blockchain and AI world leaders. Also in the program is a networking cocktail reception, VIP Party, entertainment, decentralized hacking, hacker project presentations, and the World Championship awards. Call for applications is now open for Hackers ( Women & Youth). Find out how you can participate here.


Women have so much to offer the world in terms of intellect, passion and drive to change today’s technological advancements. The organizations mentioned above aim to help women all around the world by facilitating education, mentorship, and hope for a better future where women are considered equals in the blockchain space.

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