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ACEBUSTERS | Poker on the Ethereum Blockchain

Sep 25, 2017 AltcoinsPress Releases 0

SPONSORED: Cryptocurrencies are changing the way we live, learn, work and now the way we play! Acebusters is a decentralized poker platform (DApp) that will change the game of online poker for the better.

Acebusters was initiated by Johann Barbie, an Entrepreneur, and Technologist who has experience in the field of crypto. The team also consists of obsessive poker and cryptography enthusiasts, delivering what all poker players want; transparency, security, and to have fun while profiting. Popular poker websites today discourage their players with unnecessary regulations, suspicions of money laundering and bank fraud. Blockchain technology, accompanied by Acebusters’ DApp, is the solution to regain trust from the online poker community.

Usually, ICOs raise money by demonstrating their business plan and strategies on a whitepaper without having an MVP (Minimal Viable Product). Acebusters DApp is already live and accessible on your desktop browser or mobile device, without having to install too many confusing software ( You will still need the MetaMask Extension ). No personal data or verification of players’ identity is required, keeping you anonymous at all times. Try it for yourself here.

Two Types of Tokens (NTZ) & (ABP)

Acebusters will be offering two types of tokens, Nutz (NTZ) and Acebusters Power (ABP).


1.Nutz is uncapped in supply and can be purchased with Ether and converted back to Ether at any time.

2. Holding Nutz in a wallet gives players the ability to join tables.

3. Nutz is transferred into a blockchain payment channel managed by the table contract, in which multiple players can exchange bets in real time. The payment channel holds all funds securely until players stop to play, at which time Nutz are transferred back directly into players’ wallets.

1. Acebusters Power (ABP) Nutz can be converted to ABP through a process called power-up and ABP can be converted back to Nutz through power-down.

2. While the power-up is instant, a power-down is split over multiple payouts and a period of 3 months.

3. ABP is not transferable and represents a bond to the DApp and voting rights within the DApp. The bond can serve as access right to trusted tables and can be slashed if a player is found cheating or colluding.

With ease of access to Acebusters and low-rake structures, online poker looks attractive again. Players around the world can compete against one another anonymously and don’t have to worry about hurdles to jump in order to withdraw their funds. A simple conversion to Ethereum and you can safely ‘walk away from the table’. Don’t forget to try the Acebusters DApp for yourself and see the Nutz tokens in action.

Make sure to follow our ICO calendar to follow up on their ongoing crowd sale and results.


Paid Content Disclaimer: This article is a SPONSORED post. has been paid by Acebusters to provide an overview of their platform. Please review our disclaimer below and always do your own research.

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