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Blockchain Expo North America 2017 – What Stood Out?

Dec 12, 2017 BlockchainEditor's PicksInterviewsMedia 0

Nov 29, 2017 – Santa Clara, CA – After months of planning and preparation, we finally arrived in Santa Clara to start our journey at the Blockchain Expo North America. The conference was full of tech enthusiasts lining up to get their passes and learn about the numerous exciting projects that continue to multiply in the blockchain space every day.



Here’s our short list of awesome projects that are really innovating within the space.

CryptoCurrency Payments with STACK & STK Token

With all the buzz lately around cryptocurrencies growing exponentially in price, everyone is overlooking the fact that you would eventually like to spend your crypto and enjoy the profits you have earned. However, with the current payment systems in place, this is a really hard thing to do. Enter STACK, a Canadian digital bank which has been working on a cryptocurrency payment integration using their revolutionary STK Token. With their mobile app, users are able to pay for everyday purchases using Ethereum. The platform is especially unique since it does not require businesses to add/purchase new payment terminals or switch payment processors. By utilizing the MasterCard payment rails, STACK is able to settle the transaction by covering the cost in FIAT, but withdrawing the equivalent in Ethereum or any other cryptocurrency from your wallet. Watch our exclusive interview with their CEO, Miro Pavletic who was very informative about their platform and their upcoming ICO.

Read more about the STK Token Payment Platform here: STK Bridging The Gap Between Businesses & Digital Currency Payments

Revolutionizing the Service Industry with YINC

YINC, an abbreviation for “You’re In Control”, is a revolutionary platform targeting the service industry. Founded by CEO Jonathan B. Handler over 3 years ago, YINC will allow users to shop for services and get the most competitive pricing, along with “Tamper-Proof” reviews. As an added bonus feature, verified reviewers can also choose to become “Referencers”, which allow people shopping for services to contact them to ask questions about their experiences. YINC will be holding a pre-sale & crowdsale soon, so make sure to sign up for their updates at

The CryptoCanucks team was able to have an interesting and informative interview with Jonathan at the Blockchain Expo. Watch the full interview below.

Automotive Industry + Blockchain = VinChain 

If you’ve ever been in the market to purchase a pre-owned vehicle, then you’ve experienced the headaches you’ll need to go through just to get accurate service history or collision history of a car. VinChain is one of the first automotive + blockchain combinations to bring transparency to the used car market. CEO & Founder Alex Miles explains the benefits of having vehicle history on the blockchain and how transparency is what the industry is lacking. According to Alex, the current problem is that only the vehicle seller in most cases knows the true condition of the vehicle they are selling. This leaves the buyer trusting a complete stranger to tell the truth. Watch their introduction video below and make sure to follow along as their pre-sale will be ending soon! Use our referral link to participate in the Pre-Sale & Crowdsale for Vinchain:

With well over 300 exhibitors at the Blockchain Expo, it is extremely difficult to spot the most innovative and disruptive projects. We’ve chosen to highlight some more projects in the coming weeks including our exclusive interview with Rentberry CEO Alex Lubinsky and how their platform will be changing the apartment rental industry. Also, our upcoming overview on Guardium – Guardian Circle, a platform for emergency services. Make sure to follow our social media channels, as well as, our new YouTube channel.

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