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Blockchain Research Institute Welcomes Government of Canada

Jul 5, 2017 BlockchainNewsRegulatory 0

What is the BRI ( Blockchain Research Institute ) ?

The BRI is a research institute dedicated to studying how blockchain technology can be applied to various industries across the globe and what the implications are. Announced in March 2017, the BRI was founded by a father-and-son duo, Don & Alex Tapscott and over the last few months has received tremendous support from corporate giants such as IBM, Accenture & Cosmos, and most recently, the Government of Canada.</p?

Who supports the BRI?

The BRI has had a large number of supporters join their journey in studying Blockchain tech, but to name a few: Thomson Reuters, Pepsico, IBM, SAP and Gowling WLG. Although they have support from these private sector behemoths, the most exciting is the research partnership formed with the Government of Canada, the City of Toronto, Bank of Canada, Provincial Government of Ontario and the University Health Network ( UHN ).

“We’re delighted to welcome this spectacular group of public sector organizations to our initiative. Blockchain will have profound implications for the operations of government, the nature of democracy and the modus operandi of every government agency.” – Don Tapscott, Co-Founder of The Blockchain Institute.


Parliament Hill, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada



What does this mean for the future?

This research partnership with the BRI and the Government of Canada is a great step forward, as in it will give Canada a globally competitive advantage in Blockchain technology, as well as, provide the BRI access to related government research. The institute allows for it’s research members to pool their resources together ( in a research platform ) and work collaboratively to forward blockchain technology innovation and adoption.

“This research partnership with the Blockchain Research Institute will give Canada a globally competitive advantage in the development of this transformative technology” – Navdeep Bains, Canadian Minister of the Innovation, Science and Economic Development

“Blockchain technology has the potential to help Ontario build an innovation powerhouse and significantly improve government services too” – Government of Ontario – Minister of Finance , Charles Sousa


This partnership will hopefully encourage other public sector organizations to participate and join the research network. By pooling every organization’s research together, the Blockchain Research Institute will be able to deepen it’s knowledge into the technology, as well as, tackle issues in some of the world’s most challenging sectors ( Food & Safety, Import/Export and more ).

If you’d like to learn more about the Blockchain Research Institute, you can contact them by:


The Blockchain Research Institute
130 Bloor St, Suite 905
Toronto, ON, Canada


(416) 863-8810





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