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SPONSORED: CAPDAX – Trading at Any Speed You Want

Feb 6, 2018 Altcoins 0

SPONSORED: Let’s imagine, for a second, that there is a new exchange platform where you can plug and play trades that are proven to be more profitable than others—assuring that every trade you make has a greater chance to make a higher yield profit.

Yeah, right. A fast-track “grow your portfolio” platform? That doesn’t exist.

Or, perhaps it is more accurate to say it hasn’t existed—until CAPDAX, which is set to have its Token Generation Event (TGE) shortly.

CAPDAX is set to completely change the way leading traders make landslide capital gains, and for average investors and traders, CAPDAX is doing even more—by giving them a chance to simply model their traders off of leading traders with proven track records.

All this is done anonymously, through a network powered by block chain technology. This is the ultimate in simplicity meets sophistication.

Let us elaborate.

Cryptocurrency exchanges face a number of problems. Interfaces are difficult to use, and the only way to figure out how to use exchanges is to look up forms online—which, as we all know, are very, very trusted sources [read: sarcasm]. But, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Customer service, security, exchange platform speeds, dangerous downtimes causing massive fluctuations, and on clear user policies have left cryptocurrency exchanges awfully unfriendly.

CAPDAX is completely doing away with these complications by offering a unique user experience—catered specifically to both regular investors and expert investors.

Thus, perhaps a bit predictably, CAPDAX offers to modes by which traders can use CAPDAX: Basic Mode and Expert Mode.

Basic Mode is perfect for anyone new to the crypto currency world. All those complicated graphs and scrolling numbers have been taken out for Basic Mode, and replaced by an easy-to-use interface, including tutorials for how to deposit funds. Buying and selling our 1-Click experience, akin to e-commerce. Sound easy? It is—and you won’t find yourself wanting to quit in a fury.

Then, there’s Expert Mode—which is heavy handed with all the data you will need to make high-level trades. CAPDAX’s Expert Mode lets you sink your teeth into extended functionality, with detailed graphs to dive deep into historical data—as well as my trade feeds, self updating order books, market charts, and additional analytics and features flowing in on a continuous basis in order to provide traders and investors with the highest level of transparency for every single trade.

So, to be honest, we don’t know who to market CAPDAX to more—veteran traders looking to create followings behind their investment strategies, or up-and-coming and new traders who simply wants something that can help them get their feet wet before diving in deeper.

The truth is, both are great candidates. We’re not quite sure how CAPDAX has figured all of this out, and done it anonymously—but this technology is concrete evidence that the future of investing is upon us. What was once a closed off millionaires and billionaires club—where investment strategies were under lock and key—has now been turned into a game of dealer’s choice, where leader investors can set the pace by which other people can take a look at the profits, and decide if they want to implement the same strategy to make money.

It begs the question—Why were all these moneymaking investment strategies so closed off before? That’s not very altruistic of our society, is it? Why not share the best investing strategies? We all want greater wealth—and we deserve to make it if we’re willing to put ourselves out there.

If you want to be a part of CAPDAX’s upcoming TGE, and get behind Social Trading, you can learn more by going online to, today!

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