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CryptoCurrency Education

A Beginner's course to Trading & Investing

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Introduction to Cryptocurrencies

Get a basic understanding of digital currencies and the disruptive technology enabling them

Bitcoin for Beginners

Learn the ropes of the new distributed, worldwide, decentralized payment network and the first peer-to-peer digital cryptocurrency

Understanding the Blockchain

A deeper look into how the blockchain works and why it can be beneficial for a variety of industries

Altcoins for Beginners

Bitcoin alternatives or “Altcoins” are gaining traction. Learn about the main innovative altcoins, their unique characteristics and use cases

ICO Beginner Boot Camp

All you need to know about initial coin offerings, the new fundraising phenomenon.Get equipped with the tools and analytical frameworks to conduct due diligence for ICOs

Ethereum & Smart Contracts

Smart contracts are changing the way we transact and look at traditional contractual agreements. Learn about this dynamic platform with its applications.

More courses on trading and investing cryptocurrencies to be added

A gamified course platform allows users to enjoy learning about cryptocurrencies. Our platform is integrated with fun animations and games to encourage learning and participation. Users are awarded with cryptopoints and can compete with one another on the leaderboards. Participation in the leaderboards will be optional
With over 50 animated videos, the courses are broken down into easy to understand and resourceful videos. Each video will consist of about 3 minutes of information, graphics, animations and more. After each of the videos, users will be assessed on what they have learned so far. Completion of each assessment will go towards a final examination and certification issue.
Track all your progress in our CryptoCanucks academy. Share your course completions, certificates and much much more with friends and family. Learn everything you need to know to start buying, selling, trading, investing and owning CryptoCurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and more!

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