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CryptoCanucks Exclusive: Cryptocurrency Starter Kit Premieres in Canada

Sep 10, 2018 Canadian CompaniesNews 0

Members of the Cryptocanucks community gain exclusive access to The CBlock One, launching today in Canada and available online at

Today CBlocks and CryptoCanucks are pleased to announce the launch of the CBlock One: a starter kit for cryptocurrency. The CBlock One is a USB device loaded with five randomly selected cryptocurrencies from the top hundred. It is the first product of its kind, enabling anyone to place an order online and have a collection of cryptocurrencies shipped to their door. The first twenty (20) members of the CryptoCanucks community to buy will receive exclusive access to order online at

Cryptocurrencies are really interesting and we found that most people had trouble with getting started. We wanted to create an experience that’s familiar and easy to understand, PK Banks, Co-Founder of CBlocks

People are aware of cryptocurrencies but most find it difficult to get started. According to a survey conducted by the Bank of Canada, awareness of cryptocurrency was at 85 percent, but adoption trailed far behind at just 5 percent. The survey concludes that while digital currencies claim wide and captive audience, they remain difficult to obtain. The CBlock One is the solution to this problem.

Cryptocanucks members who visit the CBlocks website through our link can choose from 3 packages, priced at $250, $500, and $750. There are only twenty CBlocks available exclusively to CryptoCanucks. Each package includes a $50 fee, and the remaining amount is applied towards 5 cryptocurrencies randomly chosen from the top 100, by market capitalization. The cryptocurrencies are loaded on to the CBlock One USB device and shipped to the customer. The use of encryption and other measures ensure that the device and its funds are safe and secure. Free shipping is included for the $250 Starter package.

“Cryptocurrencies are really interesting and we found that most people had trouble with getting started. We wanted to create an experience that’s familiar and easy to understand,” said PK Banks, co-founder of CBlocks. “Once we have this amazing device in our hands, it opens the door to cryptocurrencies and an incredible experience of discovery.”

The CBlock One is also unique because it combines digital and physical elements that no one else is doing right now. Mr. Banks addds that “the mainstream customer is comfortable with buying something online and having a physical product in their grasp. The CBlock One is great because a user can possess a digital currency purchased online and have a tangible experience with it.”

About CBlocks

CBlocks Technologies is based in Vancouver, with headquarters in Miami. The company launched in early 2018 and is dedicated to making digital currencies more accessible and easy to use. To learn more about CBlocks and the CBlock One, contact Mario Aguayo at (305) 341-0239 or via email at, or visit the website at

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