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Cryptocurrencies That Can Benefit From Putin’s Ban on VPN Services

Aug 2, 2017 AltcoinsNews 1

Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin, has signed a new law that puts a ban on all VPN services in the country as of November 1st, 2017. The law could prevent Russians from accessing content that portrays Vladimir Putin in a negative light. This is particularly important, given Russia’s presidential elections are coming up in March of next year.

The Russian president also went on to sign another bill into law requiring chat applications to identify users through their phone numbers. Whether it’s Whatsapp or Viber, no application will be able to bypass this requirement if they wish to continue operating in the country. The law goes into effect starting January 1st, 2018.

Possible Solutions using Blockchain & Digital Currencies

In the cryptocurrency world, we prefer to maintain our anonymity. With the above regulations in place, staying anonymous would be more difficult for Russians. Following blockchain projects and cryptocurrencies can potentially help Russians reclaim their online freedom.

1.Mysterium (MYST) – Currently building a VPN that ANYONE can use to connect securely and anonymously to the internet. Users who share their excess bandwidth to the network will be rewarded with MYST tokens. By using the secure Ethereum blockchain technology, you no longer have to share your private data with large VPN providers, which could be banned or event controlled by the government. Learn more about Mysterium by reading their whitepaper.


2.KoreCoin (KORE) – An Anonymous and an untraceable way to make phone calls. Having PRIVATE conversations and video calls is possible with this digital currency. KoreCoin provides peace of mind to users looking for confidentiality within their conversations. Likewise, KORE will also release an effective PoBA (Proof of Burn) feature powered by the blockchain network.

3.DigitalNote (XDN) – A decentralized privacy protected blockchain that allows sending instant, untraceable, and encrypted messages. The XDN network empowers individuals to control their own finances and information with no censorship and surveillance from government officials. Learn more about DigitalNote by reading their whitepaper.

For some countries, governments restricting valuable information from its citizens only benefits the ones in power. Being constantly online we are slowly losing our privacy. This may not be a problem for you right now like it is in China and Russia, but whose to say that your country is not next in passing legislation to take away your privileges? We see this as a unique opportunity for blockchain start-ups to provide innovative solutions in the space while protecting your privacy and identity.

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