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Cryptocurrency Portfolio Management made easy with Blockfolio

Jun 26, 2017 ToolsTutorials 0

Blockfolio Cryptocurrency Portfolio Management App

Ok, if you’re new to the digital cryptocurrency world or even a seasoned veteran, management of all your holdings and coins can be a headache. Fortunately, the team at Blockfolio created an awesome app that manages your entire cryptocurrency portfolio.

Why Blockfolio?

Well for starters, it has over 800 cryptocurrencies that you can easily track and get detailed information on. The app will sync with the top exchanges and retrieve all of the coins they offer plus, you can easily manage your holdings for each coin and track your portfolio change in any FIAT currency. Still not convinced? Let’s look at some more features of the Blockfolio app.

Blockfolio Features

  • Price Alerts to alert you if any tracked coin drops below or goes above a user-defined limit. You can also choose if you want the alert to be a 1-time alert or a persistent one, pretty convenient if you ask me.
  • Candle Stick charts and orderbooks for all 800 currencies. Keep track of all your buy/sell orders easily by entering in your order transactions for each coin. Using the orderbook will give you a percentage or fiat based profit/loss indicator when viewing individual coin charts.
  • Latest News is a great way to keep track of all the breaking news coming from sources like CoinDesk, Bitcoin Magazine and more. Blockfolio has an integrated feed in their app which pulls all related articles from the top cryptocurrency news sources.

Some screenshots from the Blockfolio Application


Supported Platforms

Blockfolio is supported on both iOS and Android mobile operating systems and is available to download for FREE. Unfortunately, they don’t have a desktop application yet, but hopefully they will be releasing one in the future maybe. Use the links below to download your Blockfolio and get familiar with the interface.

Download Blockfolio on the Apple App Store



Overall, the Blockfolio application is very well thought out and easy to use. I love how I can set price alerts, check the latest news, track my orders and have an overall view of my gains/losses. For someone who is starting out in the CryptoCurrency world, Blockfolio is definitely one of the essential apps to download.

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