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Politeia enables launch of Decred Bug Bounty Program

Jan 23, 2019 AltcoinsNews 0

Decred launched a Bug Bounty Program, which will offer DCR payments of up to US$ 25,000.

The program is one of the proposals approved through Politeia, Decred’s governance system that allows the community to create proposals, discuss, collaborate and finance new projects and initiatives. According to Degeri, proponent of the initiative, the Decred Bug Bounty program aims to use collective intelligence to find and correct security vulnerabilities.

The program covers the vulnerabilities found in some Decred projects in scope. The Participants should report the error following a standard format, through the email dedicated to the project. The website dedicated to Decred Bug Bounty details the rules and conditions of participation to opt for the rewards.

Just to understand the process, Decred launched Politeia in Oct, 2018. Politeia gives holders of the cryptocurrency a way to exercise control over every aspect of the project, meaning it puts the Decred treasury in their hands. That treasury currently holds DCR ˜600,000, valued at roughly US$ 10,5 million.

.Learn more about Politeia –

Decred Bug Bounty Proposal (Degeri proposal)

His proposal received the support of 90% of the participants in the voting.


About Decred Bug Bounty?

The main goal is a program to find security vulnerabilities in Decred projects and codes to improve overall security posture and get a fresh set of eyes on code and websites.

Who will be the first to enter Decred’s bug hunting hall of fame?

Visit  to know more about:

  • Rules
  • Reminders
  • Payout
  • Indicative payout amounts
  • Projects in scope
  • Submit Vulnerability

Twitter – @Decredproject & @Decred_CA

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