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DigitalBits: Blockchain Poised to Help Drive Mass-Scale Adoption of Cryptocurrencies

Dec 30, 2018 BlockchainCanadian CompaniesResearch 0


2018 dealt a massive blow to cryptocurrencies, but there is hope on the horizon.  The boom of 2017 showed the demand for decentralization and a change to traditional systems.  But there are pieces missing, we need real use cases, we need real adoption. Blockchain sits in the trough of disillusionment, a combination of grandeur expectation and immature technology.  As a result, few people are utilizing cryptocurrencies, and a waning market speaks to this. The questions remain, how do we bring blockchain to the masses, how do we enter the age of enlightenment?


Third generation protocol DigitalBits has taken up the mantle.  Targeting existing consumer applications with millions of active users, learned behaviour is left unchanged, all the while optimizing the backend infrastructure to benefit from blockchain technology.  The DigitalBits blockchain network (a fork of Stellar) has already launched and its first official use-case is the Loyalty Points & Rewards sector. According to Reuters, an upwards of 80% of Americans are involved in some form of a loyalty program, with $48 billion points & rewards issued annually in the US alone.  Of this, approximately 1/3 goes unused, equating to $16 billion of unredeemed capital.  The problem lies with current loyalty programs, you’d be hard-pressed to rationalize anyone leaving $16 billion on the table.  Siloed programs do not communicate, limiting the users’ freedom of choice, and ever-changing rules and requirements make it difficult to utilize your accumulated capital.  Integrating with DigitalBits amalgamates these programs into a flexible blockchain ecosystem, allowing points and rewards to flow freely, all the while existing within applications that users are already familiar with.


The DigitalBits Project envisions a global token economy, one in which value can move without frictions or borders.  Atop incredible technology, is a team focused on implementation and bringing product to market. Starting with the multi-billion dollar points industry, DigitalBits looks to be the go-to platform for tokenized assets, and create a world where value moves freely.

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