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Eventchain Smart tickets : E-ticket Innovation At Its Finest

Nov 11, 2018 AltcoinsBlockchainCanadian CompaniesEventsPress Releases 0


So, you’ve heard that your favorite band is coming to a city near you. Your search for the event online begins, find a seller, buy the ticket, and an e-ticket is sent to your inbox. Thinking ahead, you purchased two e-tickets so that you can bring a friend too.

We’re all set to go to our event. As the day nears, we naturally get excited and do our typical social posts. We let all of our friends know how excited we are. We rock up to the venue and… DENIED. The ticket turns out to be a fake. You try explaining how legit your ticket is but you are simply denied entry.

The situation is:

  • Embarrassing.
  • Devastating – you’ve been looking forward to this show FOREVER.
  • Enraging – you got totally scammed.
  • All of the above – in no particular order of severity.
It Happens More Often Than You May Realize

This is a very common scenario in the event ticketing industry. Event organizers have been racking their brains. How can we work around counterfeit tickets? Why aren’t ticketing platforms foolproof? Why do they fail so often even after boasting of “high security”? How can this be solved? Can this be solved at all?

Hello SmartTickets™

Here at EventChain, SmartTickets™ are e-tickets generated through Smart Contracts. This process uses Ethereum and other Blockchains as its foundation. Think of it as a regular ol’ e-ticket with the additional benefit of it being 100% foolproof, authentic and transparent.

EventChain, the world’s leading Blockchain based ticketing and event technology platform, recently announced it has added two prominent new features to its software application. Pay with Crypto, the most sought-after feature for organizers in the blockchain space, as well as Event Promo Codes, a standard feature request for event organizers regardless of industry.

“Building a service that offers niche features such as the ability to pay with cryptocurrency, further solidifies EventChain’s mission to offer new technologies to event organizers,” said Dino Bassanese, President of EventChain. “Coming off a banner year of development and momentum, we have a massive opportunity as we look ahead to 2019, but the technology is only a part of our corporate plan. How we build future relationships and trust ­– with event organizations looking for these event application features – is critically important.”


Event Promo Codes

Offering the ability to designate promo or discount codes to event-goers, has been a highly requested feature for EventChain. Now organizers have the ability to further market their events through strategic alliances and sales partnerships backed by the use of tracking codes.

Partnership With CoinPayments

Earlier this quarter, EventChain announced its partnership with CoinPayments, a cryptocurrency payment processor. With the ability to process crypto payments, EventChain’s users are now able to accept up to 250 different cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum and EventChain’s own EVC tokens starting November 1st, 2018. Currently, EventChain is the only event ticketing platform in North America that accepts crypto payments in addition to a traditional credit card or PayPal payments.

The fit between CoinPayments and Eventchain is obvious, and in working together the business of ticket sales will be revolutionized through greater transparency to the customer and more security ensuring your purchase won’t be affected by issues that plague the conventional ticket-selling industry. For the ticketing industry, this is critical to customers feeling they purchase at a fair value.

Alexander Alexandrov, CEO of CoinPayments, comments: “With a rapidly growing Crypto and Blockchain events space of over hundreds of conferences and summits, we felt that we could offer an essential service to event producers. Through our partnership with EventChain, we now have the ability to reach out to that exciting industry.”

About EventChain

EventChain is the world’s leading blockchain ticketing platform and solution. The company, which officially launched its Release One November 1st, 2018, is gearing up to onboard dozens of blockchain conference organizers as well as event organizers in the Arts & Fashion Industry, Finance and Investments Industry and AR/VR, streaming Industries among other niche technology fields. EventChain was founded in 2017 by Ashton Addison and released its MVP in July 2018. Advisors include Dr. Steven Funk, Chong Foo Chaw and Jeans Tang. Learn more at

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