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The Reg A Conference | NYC 🗽

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Event Date:

Start: May 09, 2019
Event Cost:

Ealry Bird - $595

Event Location:

109 W 39th St, New York, NY 10018 | TKP New York Conference Center

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Event Details:

The Largest Gathering of Deal-Makers & Companies Interested In Networking & Discussion of Regulation A


Since its enactment in 2015, Regulation A has offered an exemption from registration requirements for smaller companies that want to raise equity capital through a public offering of securities. Instituted by the Securities Act, Regulation A creates two tiers of public offerings. Each comes with distinctly different reporting and disclosure requirements as well as separate ceilings for the value of securities that can be issued in any given year.

The Reg A Conference dives into these topics with a deep bench of experts who know securities offerings and how to put these particular deals together. Hear from executives who’ve steered their companies through Reg A offerings, as well as legal experts, investment bankers, and accountants who help ensure optimal results. Whether you’re an investor or an executive looking to raise capital at lower cost – and without leaping through the regulatory hoops of a traditional IPO, The Reg A Conference delivers the information you need along with unparalleled networking opportunities to meet the professionals who can help you succeed.