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ImpactPPA Opens Submissions for Clean Energy Installations on Earth Day

Apr 22, 2018 BlockchainPress Releases 0


ImpactPPA is a blockchain platform built to disrupt renewable energy finance and accelerate global energy production. ImpactPPA’s platform and tokenized model allows communities to rapidly fund and deploy clean energy solutions by untethering traditionally expensive and inefficient structures for energy financing.

They recently joined Earth Day Network to announce an initiative to install clean energy systems at 50 facilities by 2020. The “50 by 50” initiative will focus on providing hybrid wind and solar installations to schools, healthcare centers, and other facilities whose work could be greatly enhanced by access to reliable energy. ImpactPPA is now accepting submissions for projects to

“Improving the world’s access to clean energy is a goal that we share with Earth Day Network, and this partnership moves us closer to balancing inequality in our global energy systems,” said Dan Bates, CEO of ImpactPPA.

The first installation will be at Edna Adan Hospital in Hargeisa, Somaliland. Through this effort, ImpactPPA will install a hybrid wind and solar system to provide affordable and reliable energy, allowing money currently spent acquiring fuel to be channeled directly into patient care. This project aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Energy for All initiative, which seeks to provide universal access to sustainable energy by 2030 with a focus on healthcare centers as first priority. This goal is especially important in regions like sub-Saharan Africa, where just 28 percent of healthcare facilities report having reliable access to electricity.

ImpactPPA will be recognized at Earth Day Network’s Climate Leadership Gala for its work with the Edna Adan Hospital in Washington D.C. on May 8, 2018. The annual event gathers the world’s most distinguished green economy leaders and celebrates achievements leading the path to a post-carbon future.




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