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LinkCoin- The First Exchange to Offer Tether USDT Trading in Canada

Jan 4, 2019 AltcoinsCanadian Companies 0

As Cryptocurrency markets continue to face unprecedented volatility, investors are actively looking for financial instruments to protect themselves from this fluctuation. One of these instruments is Tether, the stable coin that claims, for every one token they circulate into the market, they also place one US-Dollar into its’ reserve, helping the token maintain its stable price of $1-US. Most international exchanges allow its customers to purchase USDT with fiat, allowing their customers to hedge their investments. However, Canadian exchanges have yet to roll out the same offerings for their customers, until now.

LinkCoin is pleased to announce that it has become the first exchange in Canada to offer USDT trading!

How to Buy & Sell USDT with LinkCoin

Since LinkCoin is the first Canadian exchange to accept USDT, we want to create as open ended of a buying process as possible. That way, we can cater our services to a much wider variety of traders. Hence, we have created two different ways for users to buy and sell USDT.

Our “classic approach” is for the veteran P2P traders, while the “quick trade” is a new feature that will live in one week for English market, an option for people who are new to P2P exchanges and just want their USDT as quickly as possible.

The “Classic Approach”

The first option, works the same way as our existing business. LinkCoin is a P2P exchange, which means, when you make a trade with someone you are trading with that person directly. So instead of sending your money through an exchange, you are sending an email transfer directly to the person you are trading with. This is the first approach for buying USDT.

To complete a trade with this approach, simply scroll through the market, and when you find an offer you like you can click “Buy” or “Sell” and go through the trading steps listed by the buyer or seller.

The “Quick Trade”

The second choice is a new feature on LinkCoin called “Quick Trade”. By using this feature, users don’t have to search through the market. Instead, they can just click “quick trade” and they will be given a purchase quote. The quick trade feature is intended to create as efficient and affordable of an experience as possible, so all “Quick Trade” sellers have been carefully vetted by the LinkCoin customer service team to ensure that they have the comprehensive trading experience needed to give faire and honest price quotes, and deliver a reliable trading experience for all LinkCoin customers.

LinkCoin USDT Giveaway

To celebrate this milestone for LinkCoin, we are giving away free USDT to every new user!

To claim your USDT simply click the link below:

Or, go to and click on “Xmas Party”

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LinkCoin is a Over-The-Counter (OTC) cryptocurrency exchange that was developed by Yesbit Ltd in collaboration with Bibox. Users post buy or sell ads, indicating which digital assets they want to buy, or what digital assets they want to sell respectively. LinkCoin’s native token the LKN, is listed on, and the platform boasts zero fees for the buyer, plus the lowest transaction fees for sellers in the entire industry (0.3%-0.6%). All digital assets are locked in a cold storage wallet completely offline. The digital assets can only be unlocked and sent to the buyer, after said buyer has sent the FIAT payment to the seller. Each order must be completed in under 10 mins.

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