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Newly Added ICO’s Worth Mentioning on Coinmarketcap

Oct 1, 2017 AltcoinsBlockchainEthereumICO 2

According to Coinschedule, more than $2.2 billion USD has been raised via ICO’s in 2017. This may be the reason why ICO’s ( Initial Coin Offering) are gaining a great deal of attention from countries like China, South Korea, Russia and the United States of America. Some have banned ICO participation altogether, while others are attempting to regulate ICO’s to protect investors from being a victim of financial scams.

Personally, I like to focus my energy towards positive thinking. Make sure you always do your due diligence before investing your hard earned money to avoid such scandals. Monitoring markets like Coinmarketcap may be a good indication of the success within ICO’s if they’ve been added to their list of Altcoins (Alternative Coins). Here you will find newly added ICO’s that have tremendous potential:


1. SALT Lending

A membership-based lending and borrowing network that allows users to leverage their blockchain assets to secure cash loans. On the SALT platform, users can obtain loans using their cryptocurrency holdings as collateral. With SALT, users can leverage the value of certain digital assets, thereby giving them access to cash, offsetting tax events, avoiding exchange fees and maintaining their long position in the asset they hold. Additionally, users can obtain liquidity from their cryptocurrency holdings without selling them, just like other traditional asset classes such as stocks, bonds, real estate, and commodities. Currently, SALT is ranked 39th on Coinmarketcap. Check out their website and whitepaper for more information.


2. Kin

Kin by Kik is a free instant messaging mobile app developed by the Canadian company Kik Interactive and is available on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. Kik is known for its features that help preserve its users’ anonymity by allowing users to register without providing a telephone number.The Kin Foundation will administer the Kin supply and the Kin Rewards Engine. Ultimately, the Kin Foundation will facilitate the entire ecosystem’s transition to a fully decentralized and autonomous network. Currently, KIN is ranked 76th on Coinmarketcap. You can find more information on Kin here.



Kyber Network

3. Kyber Network

Kyber Network is a new decentralized exchange that allows for instant trading and conversion of cryptocurrency. It has the following key properties:

Trustless: All transactions occur via smart contracts and no funds are held on the exchange.
Liquid: They will utilize a network of reserve operators, who will maintain a reserve of all tokens to provide liquidity for transactions.
Instantaneous: Kyber claims that it will have no waiting time for confirmations and no deposits will be required. Users can get their tokens as soon as the transaction is put on the blockchain.
Locked-in conversion rate: Users will know the conversion rate before sending the transaction and receive the corresponding amount.
Currently, Kyber Network is ranked 28th on Coinmarketcap. You can find more information on Kyber Network here



4. ChainLink

ChainLink has developed oracles that can allow a smart contract creator a way to interact with different data providers, payment solutions, and traditional banking systems. Oracles are the necessary middleware that provides this access/functionality to Ethereum smart contracts. With oracles, it is possible to provide programmable contracts that do payouts between two parties once certain criteria have been met, without involving an intermediary.ChainLink supports Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Hyperledger. As ChainLink is a decentralized network, users can receive the rewards of decentralization, trust, and immutability from using ChainLink oracle. Anyone who has a data feed, useful off-chain services such as local payments, or any other API, can now provide them directly to smart contracts in exchange for LINK tokens.

Currently, ChainLink is ranked 49th on Coinmarketcap. Check out their website and whitepaper for more information.


5. VIBEhub

VIBEhub will be involved in a fast emerging industry, virtual and augmented reality, providing an unlimited virtual universe. The marketplace for VR/AR’s will be close to $170 Billion USD by the year 2020. All transactions on these hubs will use Vibe tokens, a cryptocurrency running on the Ethereum Blockchain. Unlike other ICOS VibeHUb already has a functioning platform and hardware technology to support a virtual crypto world.

Currently, Vibehub is ranked 231st on Coinmarketcap. You can find more information on Vibehub here.


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