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Sponsored: Spectiv VR is the Alpha Dog

Why Spectiv VR’s November Release is Something You Need to Be a Part of We’ll get you up to speed as fast as possible. Once upon a time, Virtual Reality (VR) was a distant dream. Years later, a kid in his garage made VR a powerful dream again. Then, the industry sputtered and struggled as tech … Continued

Head to Head: Neo (NEO) & Ethereum (ETH)

Ever since the birth of Bitcoin and blockchain, there has been various types of blockchains developed to serve and address different sectors and industries. This creates endless opportunities for the applications of blockchain technology. These chains can either be private or public and can be used in finance, law, healthcare and education. The blockchain has … Continued

Are CryptoCurrencies Securities?

Are Cryptocurrencies securities? By: Aaron Grinhaus – Grinhaus Law Firm The recent explosion of crowd sales for Blockchain based businesses has resulted in the raising of tens of millions of dollars through the sale of cryptographic coins and tokens, known as cryptocurrencies. Earlier this year tech companies enjoyed free reign as this method of crowd … Continued

Sponsored: Banking on Blockchain

Sponsored Article For a while now, there have been whispers on how blockchain will be effectively incorporated in the banking sector. For those who have been overly skeptical regarding those possibilities, Fiinu is set to quench this doubt. Finnu is the first bank to harness blockchain technology specifically on its credit disbursement operations. Notably, the … Continued

Blockchain Research Institute Announces 16 New Members

Think-tank’s founding membership grows to forty-four, with an expanded research  program of seventy projects on the strategic issues of the blockchain revolution October, 4th 2017  Toronto, Canada The Blockchain Research Institute announced today that 16 new organizations have joined as Founding Members. Funded by companies and governments worldwide, Blockchain Research Institute is a multi-million dollar … Continued

Triggers Might Have Prevented Las Vegas Shooting Massacre

Last night a gunman, identified as Stephen Paddock, opened fire at the Route 91 Harvest Festival (a country music concert) in Las Vegas, Nevada. At least 59 people were killed and more than 500 people were injured during this tragedy. According to ABC15, over 270 mass shootings have occurred in the United States this year … Continued

Newly Added ICO’s Worth Mentioning on Coinmarketcap

According to Coinschedule, more than $2.2 billion USD has been raised via ICO’s in 2017. This may be the reason why ICO’s ( Initial Coin Offering) are gaining a great deal of attention from countries like China, South Korea, Russia and the United States of America. Some have banned ICO participation altogether, while others are … Continued

ACEBUSTERS | Poker on the Ethereum Blockchain

SPONSORED: Cryptocurrencies are changing the way we live, learn, work and now the way we play! Acebusters is a decentralized poker platform (DApp) that will change the game of online poker for the better. Acebusters was initiated by Johann Barbie, an Entrepreneur, and Technologist who has experience in the field of crypto. The team also consists of … Continued

The Real Value of Blockchain Unexplored

Over the last month, there has been an influx of people asking me for advice on cryptocurrencies. One major problem I discovered was that most of the individuals that had asked me for advice have heard of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other altcoins, but had no understanding of Blockchain. Little do they know that cryptocurrencies exist … Continued

PayPie: Credit Risk Assessment based on Blockchain Accounting

In the world of business, a credit score is required for a company to receive credit funding for growth or debt payments and to gauge the reliability of the borrower. Experian, Equifax and TransUnion are the current leaders in the industry for calculating credit scores. Each bureau collects and verifies information from different sources such as vendors, … Continued

Getting Started with Bitcoin – The Basics

What is Bitcoin? A type of digital currency in which encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify the transfer of funds, operating independently from a central bank. In other words, Bitcoin has no central authority, anyone can use and trade with Bitcoin. There is a fixed supply which … Continued

The Metropolis Hard Fork and What’s In Store for Ethereum?

The month of September is an exciting month for anyone following Ethereum. The development team behind Ethereum is working hard towards a much anticipated upgrade known as Metropolis. The hard fork is poised to relieve a lot of stress on the Ethereum ecosystem, as well as, bring a little more convenient functionality for it’s users. … Continued

Startup develops AI technology that can successfully predict the outcome of any future event

From politics to sports, AI software can now predict the outcome of future events with a near-perfect degree of accuracy Artificial intelligence startup Magos has developed software that combines neural networks and blockchain technology that simulates a collection of biological brains to accurately predict the outcome of future events relating to sports, politics and even … Continued

Head to Head: Basic Attention Token (BAT) & AdEx (ADX)

  Interested organizations and individuals are taking part in the development of cryptocurrencies that will disrupt every industry to date. As the technology behind cryptocurrencies and blockchain grows larger, there will be winners and losers in the process, due to overlapping ideas and use cases. Two companies that are currently competing against one another in … Continued

0x Decentralized ERC-20 Token Exchange Raises $24Mn in ICO

    One of the latest startups to emerge, 0x (ZRX), has raised $24Mn in funding from their initial coin offering on August 15th, 2017. According to the 0x team, 12,000 backers helped reach the $24Mn hard-cap within 24 hours. The ICO attracted participation from venture capitalist firms such as Blockchain Capital & FBG Capital, … Continued


AMBROSUS Partners with TREK THERAPEUTICS to Develop a Blockchain-powered Method to Track Quality in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Zug, Switzerland and Boston, MA  — Ambrosus, the world’s first trusted blockchain-based ecosystem for the supply chain, today announced a partnership with pharmaceutical pioneer Trek Therapeutics, PBC (Trek) to apply integrated sensors coupled with blockchain-based technology to pharmaceutical drug manufacturing … Continued

Civic is Disrupting the Identity Verification Industry

Did you know in 2016, there were roughly 1.1Bn identities stolen across the globe? From that 1.1Bn, roughly 15.4Mn were from the United States alone. Identity theft is a growing problem for everyone and having a secure method to manage your identity is becoming more important than ever before. Enter Civic, the secure, fully decentralized Identity … Continued

Top 3 ICOs of 2017

2017 has been a record year for Initial Coin Offerings in several aspects. Not only has ICO fundraising surpassed all the Venture Capital funding invested in Blockchain start-ups since the inception of Blockchain, ICOs have raised more than seed funding raised in 2017. So far, 92 projects have raised a combined $1.3 Bn of token … Continued

NEO 2.0 Launch Set for August 8 Anniversary Celebration

The new NEO website design is finalized, which will go live on August 8th, alongside the NEO 2.0 launch. The NEO team said: “Along the rebranding to NEO, we are taking the opportunity to update the blockchain network. The Antshares network 1.x has limited smart contract functionality, so we will update it to the NEO … Continued

STOX ICO Raises $30 Million Worth of Ethereum In a Flash

Since launching the ICO on August 2nd, 2017, STOX has successfully raised $30 million in one day! According to Etherscan, STOX collected 134,500 ETH (Ethereum), with the collaborative benefits of marketing by Boxing Champion Floyd “Money” Mayweather. STOX had given themselves a two-week timeline and a cap of 148,000 ETH, yet they successfully ended their … Continued

Coinbase Supporting Bitcoin Cash Despite Volatility

One of the more well-known exchanges, Coinbase, will begin accepting Bitcoin Cash starting January 1st, 2018. A recent blog post released by Coinbase ensures it’s existing customers, that both Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) remain safely stored on the exchange. This announcement comes after Coinbase stated they will not be supporting the fork in a blog … Continued