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Protect Your Privacy With Metalyfe

Jan 29, 2019 dAppsInsights 0

Society at large is moving faster than ever before. Access to information and the sheer amount of information collected and tracked by a growing list of devices and corporations has come at a dire cost to all of us. Our Privacy. Our fundamental human right to Liberty is in jeopardy and we all need to make changes to ensure our Privacy is not taken from us. More than half of the world’s population is online and has over 1.5 billion websites to interact with. The incredible volume of data and the management and distribution of data is something we cannot take lightly. From data breaches on Facebook to the Cambridge Analytica scandal and the millions of dollars paid in fines by Google, the issues of Privacy and Security are forcing a turning point in the World Wide Web for users and business all across the world.

Despite regulations like GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and numerous global governments increasing regulations regarding data, our data is still at risk. Data breaches continue to occur and leave millions of people in financial and personal risk. The current centralized state of the Internet further limits the extent to which online data can be protected ­­– and as long as this centralization continues, there will always be a level of uncertainty when it comes to data security.

The Centralized Web And The Current Internet

All browsers today run on a centralized network which connects all users and the data they generate through a central server. The vulnerability of a single access point and dependency of the operator of the servers to manage and protect data is always at risk.

It is safe to assume that most people are aware that the data they generate is recorded and stored in some way. In the past, centralization was part of the Web as third parties were operators or servers and data centers. The Web today no longer relies on third parties to manage central servers as the majority of our personal information lies in the hands of a few technology companies whose primary source of revenue is monetization of the data generated by its users.


Most types of data protection methods proposed by leading technology companies are simply band-aid fixes as to a much bigger problem of sensitive information passing through central servers. The volume of data generated year by year is growing on a massive scale. The digitization of the world is growing and the responsibility to adjust and fix structural and operational practices is reaching a tipping point.

One of the problems we are solving at Metalyfe is to ensure privacy for our users without compromising the utility of the Internet. We are approaching this sensitive topic primarily from a structural point as the beta version of the Metalyfe browser does not run on a central server. By storing data in a decentralized network of devices, the risk of a security attack is mitigated and much harder to breach. The decentralized Metalyfe browser also uses an encrypted login and does not store passwords or any metadata to retrieve user information, therefore, taking trust completely out of the equation.

Not only does Decentralization protect your personal data, but it also empowers users to own the data they generate while controlling what information they give and receive. The peer-to-peer network created by decentralization creates a self-governing environment and navigates the Internet back to the community it once was, and not the current state of the trustless web.

Privacy is a fundamental human right and should not be taken for granted, especially by those who control, manipulate and profit from the digital asset of millions of unaware users. We need to take responsibility for ourselves to ensure our privacy of an asset that is growing in value day by day.

“Privacy is the freedom to decide with whom to share your thoughts and dreams. It is a treasure, the coffer of our soul” says Daniele Montelone, CTO of Metalyfe.

Some of the primary pillars of web 3.0 revolve around “multiple profit centers sharing value across open networks.” Instead of being the “product,” as users are often with web 2.0 platforms and current advertising methods, individuals will once again become the customers who have control of their data in a Private and Secure access point to the digital world is part of the solution provided by the Metalyfe browser. The world is changing rapidly and the value of data is exponentially increasing leaving users at risk for this valuable resource. Secure your privacy for today and tomorrow with the Metalyfe browser.

Download Metalyfe Browser and start protecting your privacy today!

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