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The Real Value of Blockchain Unexplored

Sep 19, 2017 BitcoinBlockchainResearch 0

Over the last month, there has been an influx of people asking me for advice on cryptocurrencies. One major problem I discovered was that most of the individuals that had asked me for advice have heard of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other altcoins, but had no understanding of Blockchain. Little do they know that cryptocurrencies exist because of the Blockchain technology, and without truly grasping the concept of this revolutionary tech, it’s difficult to understand how digital currencies add value to our society. In my early stages of discovering the world of cryptocurrencies, I stumbled upon a youtube video hosted by Richard Etwaru that provides a great introductory to Blockchain. I hope this is helpful to those discovering and learning about cryptocurrencies.

The concept of “blockchain” was first explained by Satoshi Nakamoto in his 2008 Bitcoin whitepaper. Until today, it’s unknown who Satoshi Nakamoto is and whether he/she is one person or a group of people. The Bitcoin whitepaper has a good explanation of how blockchain works – check it out.


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