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Skrumble – First Secure Communication-Centric Blockchain

Mar 28, 2018 Press Releases 0

Our data security and user privacy have never been more at risk, however, the need to communicate and trust in the ways we connect is imperative. A Canadian-startup, Skrumble, aims to build Skrumble Network, a brand-new, secure, communication-centric blockchain, and application.

A Brief Introduction to Skrumble

Founded in 2014, Skrumble is a Toronto-based startup providing software solutions for enterprise communication. With a variety of products designed to help businesses streamline their communications, they are now looking to push the envelope even further using blockchain technology. The 40+ member team behind Skrumble Technologies Inc is a passionate group and their drive to learn & grow together will definitely be a big plus on their journey in the blockchain ecosystem.

We are individuals who see the endless possibilities of what a well-connected group of people can accomplish. – Skrumble Team

Skrumble + Blockchain Technology = A New, Decentralized Communication Ecosystem

A completely new communication-centric blockchain utilizing decentralized protocols will be built by Skrumble Technologies Inc. This unique blockchain and ecosystem will be an easy-to-use, secure network to connect anyone from anywhere in the world through open communication. With complete anonymity, user and content privacy and unified communication, Skrumble Network blockchain and application users can finally establish meaningful connections in a truly democratized, unquestionably secure, global, decentralized environment.

The new blockchain will also include open-source documentation so developers may build onto the network and also integrate a feature-rich communication layer into their applications.

Skrumble Network & The SKM Utility Token Membership

Skrumble Network blockchain combines the security of cryptography and unique data storage and transmission, with a peer-to-peer network to create a decentralized and trusted database, if you will. Skrumble will revolutionize traditional communication networks that work on centralized servers by implementing their own blockchain. The Skrumble Network blockchain is a P2P network structure, in which nodes can communicate with each other through a hashed messaging protocol. In this structure, there are two different types of nodes: peer nodes and validating nodes. A peer node can broadcast, receive and transfer transactions or blocks, while a validating node can create blocks of data.

SKM is a utility token that will offer a certain class of membership based on the number of tokens owned. These membership privileges will enable access to various features and actions within the Skrumble Network ecosystem. Initial usage will be free, and the token will serve as means of access to unlock premium features, membership levels or utilize various extra functionalities. More detailed information on Skrumble Network can be found in their whitepaper.

Benefits of Using Skrumble Network

Skrumble Network will have the ability to connect anyone from anywhere in the world in a secure and simple way and has the potential to truly democratize communication on a global scale. Using blockchain technology to establish communications in this way has never been done before, thus transforming the way we process financial transactions to become an integral component of any application to establish secure connections. With easy accessibility, reliable decentralized communication, people worldwide will have the opportunity in a consensus-based environment to take back data ownership, never worry again about their security, and actively engage within different communities.

“We believe that the next frontier of blockchain is communication.” – Eric Lifson, Skrumble Co-Founder & VP of Marketing  

Beyond solving these problems, blockchain presents unparalleled opportunities for innovation. To discover new methods for in-context online payment gateways and create new ways for people around the world to establish meaningful connections. Decentralization presents endless possibilities for innovation and offers a solution for a unified, secure network providing end-to-end encryption, complete anonymity, data, user privacy and communication opportunities to allow the world to connect, share and grow.

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