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Sponsored: SMS Is No More

Nov 19, 2017 ICOPress Releases 0

So, Why Are You Paying For It?

“People don’t send SMS messages anymore because instant messaging apps offer 10 times the service value,” says Audrius Vrubliauskas, the CEO of BirdChain.

If you have not heard of BirdChain yet, you will soon. Why? If you have a mobile phone with a service plan, BirdChain will help put between $30 and $300 in your pocket every month—and you won’t have to do a thing to reap all this extra income.

If this sounds too good to be true, it’s because, until recently, it was. Wealth inequality, corporate dictatorship, and wage gaps have wreaked havoc on our consumer culture for generations and generations. Now, however, cutting-edge technologies and services are disrupting corporate oligarchies like the service providers who arbitrarily raise our plan rates, and creating a makeshift global basic income for the entire world.

Right now, Audrius Vrubliauskas is the primary innovative force behind this movement. “We are developing a solution which will be useful for everyone, as everyone will get an opportunity to profit from something that is not in use,” Audrius says. “At the same time, businesses and other consumers are still paying top dollar for SMS messaging, businesses especially, as it helps drive their connectivity to their customers. Thus, consumers with bulky, unlimited SMS-messaging plans will get to unload what they don’t use and make money at the same time, and businesses will get better service for much, much less than what service providers typically charge them. Everybody wins.”

It sounds simple, and it is. All you have to do is download the BirdChain messaging app and affix the number of the phone operating the plan which you wish to offload two other buyers and businesses. That’s it. Extra income in your pocket has never been so easy.



To get involved with BirdChain’s ICO on November 18th, and gain an opportunity to reap the highest level of profit as possible, go online to, today!

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