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Sharing our understanding and opinions of the cryptocurrency markets

The Most Common Types Of Cryptocurrency Scams in 2020

Millions of crypto investors have been scammed out of massive sums since the inception of cryptocurrencies. According to Reuters, in 2018, losses from cryptocurrency-related crimes amounted to $1.7 billion. At Coinberry, we have strived to provide our members with the safest and most secure cryptocurrency trading experience. In this article, we will cover cryptocurrency scams you … Continued

What Are “Crypto/Digital Assets” and How Can They Be Taxed?

By: Amanda Rosenstock and Aaron Grinhaus Thinking about buying or selling digital, or “cryptographic” assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies? Does your business already deal with digital assets? Regardless of whether you’re an investor or a business owner, you should be aware of your potential tax liability when managing your Digital Asset portfolio. … Continued

Privacy-Focused + Privacy Centric Blockchains

By David Freuden | Monsterplay   While encryption is the best protection in regards to privacy, protecting your personal data must begin with an action taken by you. Only through the lens of data ownership can we begin to answer the question of: “Who/What will protect my privacy?” It won’t be legislation, as governments themselves are often those who are … Continued

Why is Bitcoin Rising? Cryptocurrency Adoption in Canada

  Key Findings: Over the past year, more people In Canada have searched for “Bitcoin” on Google than “Banks” or “Kim Kardashian” 76% of Canadian participants were familiar with the concept of Cryptocurrency. From that, 76 % – 97% are already aware of what Bitcoin is. The awareness of Bitcoin is moving towards the mainstream, … Continued

Bitcoin SV Stays On Top – Total Return of 232% In Past Month

Overview Bitcoin SV Released bi-weekly, this report aims to identify broad trends in the cryptocurrency market. In order to reflect the latest developments in this fast-paced and volatile market, the reports plan to focus on metrics derived from a 30-day rolling window of data, this time from May 11, 2019 to June 9, 2019. Our universe … Continued

Decred in 18 minutes

Max Bronstein has written the most elegant and approachable overview of Decred. He exemplifies the virtuous nature of the contractor system. This post was inspired by a similar piece written by Derek Hsue. In his post, Derek provides a thorough analysis of Grin’s governance system — highlighting its power structures, decision making processes, supporting infrastructure, and the tradeoffs accounted for … Continued

The First Cryptocurrency-to-Tax Payment Partnership Can Be The Start To Widespread Government Adoption

Government operations aren’t a sexy thing. Most people don’t pay attention to what governments are doing because the day-to-day operations of a bureaucracy aren’t nearly as interesting as the overwhelming amount of news, fake news, social posts, exciting developments and the 24/7 barrage of modern media. As a result, much of the progress being made … Continued

Building A Stronger Cryptocurrency Portfolio

With the cryptocurrency market still in its infancy, there are many windows of opportunity for the right investors. Crypto investors, both individual and institutional, want to succeed in this volatile marketplace by maximizing their profits with the lowest possible risk. However, with a plethora of assets to choose from, it’s not as simple as trusting … Continued

Collision 2019, Cloning Tech Would Have Been Handy!

The famous Collision conference came to Toronto, the host city for the first year of a three-year stint. The conference name bodes the kind of experience it was for the CoinChange team- valuable and fortuitous “collisions” happened everywhere! This includes connection collisions with talented founders and startup gurus, and amazing insight collisions thanks to keynote and speaker … Continued