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One on One interviews with founders, developers and advisors

Zac Cheah, CEO of PundiX Interview at Consensus 2018

CryptoCanucks CEO, Jacques discusses the recent PundiX Partnership with Wanchain & Consensus 2018 with PundiX CEO & Founder Zac Cheah. PundiX is a Point-of-Sale system that allows customers to purchase items using cryptocurrencies or to even purchase/sell Bitcoin or Ethereum on demand. To learn more about PundiX visit their website at: Make sure to … Continued

Interview With Dave Hendricks, CEO & Co-Founder of Vertalo

Ashton Addison of, in partnership with CryptoCanucks, Interviews Dave Hendricks, the CEO & Co-Founder of Vertalo. Vertalo is a platform that allows for anyone to certify their professional work & academic history using blockchain technology. To learn more about Vertalo, you can visit their website at

The First-Ever Securities Token Launch Pad, Polymath, is Now Live

 Polymath, the company bringing the multi-trillion dollar securities market to the blockchain, has announced its security token launch pad is now live. The platform, the world’s first, will be a tool that allows financial companies to create and issue their own tokenized securities. Powered by the blockchain and smart contract technology, Polymath and its unique … Continued

Interview with Dash CMO, Fernando Gutierrez at The North American Bitcoin Conference 2018 Founder, Ashton Addison, teams up with CryptoCanucks to bring you an exclusive interview with Dash’s Chief Marketing Officer, Fernando Gutierrez. Fernando talks about the conference and what Dash has in store for 2018! The North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami was hosted in part by Dash. Make sure to subscribe to our channel for … Continued

Exclusive Interview with Jack Lu, Founder of Wanchain

  CryptoCanucks bring you an exclusive interview with WanChain Founder, Jack Lu. Jack discusses the future for Wanchain in 2018. Make sure to subscribe to our channel for more videos & connect with on Social Media: • Twitter: • Facebook: • Instagram: • Telegram: Visit to learn more about Blockchain Technology, Cryptocurrencies & … Continued

Blockchain Expo North America 2017 – What Stood Out?

Nov 29, 2017 – Santa Clara, CA – After months of planning and preparation, we finally arrived in Santa Clara to start our journey at the Blockchain Expo North America. The conference was full of tech enthusiasts lining up to get their passes and learn about the numerous exciting projects that continue to multiply in … Continued