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Triggers Might Have Prevented Las Vegas Shooting Massacre

Oct 3, 2017 AltcoinsICONews 0

Last night a gunman, identified as Stephen Paddock, opened fire at the Route 91 Harvest Festival (a country music concert) in Las Vegas, Nevada. At least 59 people were killed and more than 500 people were injured during this tragedy. According to ABC15, over 270 mass shootings have occurred in the United States this year alone. There is no question that gun violence must stop and we should do everything in our power to keep disasters like this from happening again.

At CryptoCanucks, we always look for creative ways cryptocurrencies can provide solutions to everyday world problems. One solution can be the use of Triggers (TRIG).  Blocksafe presents TRIG, the first Blockchain solution for Smartgun safety. They believe that self-defense is a human right and now can be vastly improved with Smartgun technology.

Following are some features of TRIG technologies that enables locating stolen firearms, preventing malignant gun use and ultimately reducing violence and saving lives.

TRIG Features:

  • Protective Gun Vault
    – Guard your guns against unauthorized users with fingerprint security.
  • “Smart Locks”
    – Using sensor data to test whether the triggering of the gun is justified in a given instance. This would prevent gun owners from using their guns irresponsibly.
    – Using fingerprint sensors to verify whether the gun holder is licensed to hold a firearm.
    – Linking health records with gun ownership to ensure mental adequacy of the user.
  • Preventing ransomware from taking control of IoT devices
    – Stop malignant attacks from taking control of IoT devices and demanding a ransom to unlock smart guns.
  • Product theft
    – Gun store recouping stolen firearms.

Correspondingly, Blocksafe provides comprehensive solutions by providing an all-inclusive solution to gun safety issues. Implementing Triggers improves safety in our communities and works on reducing our exposure to violence and traumatic events like yesterday. We will never know why Stephen Paddock committed such an evil act because he committed suicide; however, it’s very important for us to implement existing solutions and reduce gun violence around the world.

Evidentally, Blocksafe will be attending CoinAgenda Global in Las Vegas, Nevada on October 24th.

Our prayers go out to the family’s and friends of the victims who have passed away.

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