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Sponsored: What The Gaming Industry Stands To Benefit With The FLUX Network

Mar 14, 2018 AltcoinsBlockchain 0

Any industry that pulls an annual revenue of over a hundred billion dollars and has almost half the world’s population within its ranks is no joke and must not be treated as such. Gaming, although a fun activity is a serious business that gives not only an escape and source of joy for hundreds of millions around the globe, it is fast becoming a great employer capable of giving livelihoods to hundreds of millions. One could say that gaming can be an economy in itself, but despite its gargantuan size, the industry has for very long lacked the coherence and seamless assimilation of its various parts that would enable it to outperform its present state.

Any passionate gamer knows that the industry is less than perfect, as transactions between gamers and the flow of liquidity for developers is less than what it should ideally be. However, a ray of hope for the entire industry has recently emerged with the FLUX platform. FLUX is a blockchain based gaming ecosystem that seeks to revolutionize the gaming industry and arm it with the right technological tools that could potentially take it to the level of revenue generation of social networks and beyond. The LUX platform hopes to be the all-convenience platform in which every participant and stakeholder in the gaming industry can have all their needs met. The industry will benefit in countless ways from the emergence of this revolutionary platform, some of which include:

  • For Investors: Investment in the gaming industry as it currently is can be quite daunting, and only a very privileged few are able to effectively and competitively participate. Taking part in bringing online a big gaming project is generally viewed as a business only those with limitless capital can participate, but this concept is about to be shattered by the FLUX platform. Under its liberalized ecosystem, anyone can actively participate in the bringing about of new gaming projects as an investor. There are no border restrictions or other bureaucratic red tape associated with legacy systems. The FLUX platform is a truly global platform and anyone, whatever their geographical location can invest, and reap benefits of their investment as a result of the use of a decentralized blockchain powered by the Ethereum virtual machine.
  • For Developers: There will be no gaming industry without the developers that expend thousands of man-hours to bring their visions to life. The developers in the present systems are left to their own vices as there are no clear-cut support mechanisms that bring them in direct contact with all kinds of potential investors around the world. The FLUX platform values the great input of developers and that is why it puts them at the center of its agenda. Not only do developers have unfettered access to a constant stream of investment, the FLUX platform also puts them centre-stage by offering them a vibrant marketplace where their creations begin to yield them benefit every time user downloads their apps or makes an in-game purchase. Developers no longer have to grapple with obstructive banking and financial instruments that charge them outrageous amounts, as all transactions are instant, seamless and do not require any middleman on the FLUX platform.
  • Gamers: What makes the input of investors and the effort of developers all worthwhile is the response they get from gamers. On the FLUX platform, gaming is not just fun side-talent the gamer uses to impress friends, FLUX wants to make the hours of time spent by gamers in perfecting their skills worth every effort, as it will provide a matchmaking system where gamers can pit themselves against other with the winners winning remuneration n the FLUX tokens cryptocurrency. There are an estimated 360 million Pro gamers around the world, and the FLUX platform seeks to provide them with the perfect competitive platform to monetize their skills and benefit from it. A groundbreaking matchmaking mechanism will be deployed by the FLUX platform which will pit pro gamers and those perfecting their skills as well, with competitors betting against one another. Gaming will truly earn its name with the FLUX platform.

Every one is a winner on the FLUX platform, as every stakeholder has their problems critically examined with tailor-made solutions created specifically to solve these problems. The dawn of FLUX is set to be the game-changer that the gaming industry has been in desperate need of.  FLUX is set to unleash itself in the coming month as its sale commences on the 17th of April. Early investors that make its whitelist stand to gain as much as 30% in discounts for tokens that are bound to capture the imagination of the crypto markets. What a time to be alive!


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